Preventive Dentistry

At Geoffrey Deeb Dental, it is our goal to ensure all of our patients maintain a natural, healthy smile and avoid tooth loss and decay.

Active Maintenance

Active at-home maintenance of your teeth is incredibly important when maintaining good overall oral health. We recommend brushing teeth twice a day and flossing at least once a day. As part of our preventive treatments, the friendly team at Geoffrey Deeb Dental are able to provide direction for proper teeth cleaning techniques and helpful tips to get you on your way to an optimum dental hygiene routine.

At Geoffrey Deeb Dental we also recommend coming in to see us twice a year to ensure we are able to detect any signs of decay or other oral health concerns before they become complex problems.

Preventive Dental CareAre you looking for preventive dentistry treatments? Geoffrey Deeb Dental Holland Park offer preventive treatments including check-ups to keep teeth healthy

We offer a range of preventive treatments to help our patients maintain their healthy smiles including:

Bruxism and Occlusal Splints

Bruxism is excessive clenching or grinding of the teeth. It can cause abnormal wear and tear, weakening the teeth and making them prone to chips, cracks and jaw pain.

We offer occlusal splints for patients who suffer from bruxism. This is a plastic aid that covers the surface of the teeth. It acts as a barrier to stop patients grinding and clenching in their sleep. To find out more about occlusal splints, click here.

Preventive Dentistry Brisbane

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